Musky Fishing Guide

on Lake of the Woods
Fishing with a guide makes all the difference.

Musky Fishing Guide


Hiring a Musky fishing guide on Lake of the Woods , Eagle Lake and the Winnipeg River is simply an amazing experience.   The amount of boat side strikes, numbers of fish, numbers of BIG fish, and the scenery that surrounds it make this fishery more unique than any other.   Musky fishing is by far the most exhilarating freshwater angling experience there is.  Muskies love to follow baits and commit on a properly executed figure 8 at boat side.  The sight of a 50+” fish ripping around at your feet is incredible… it’s definitely something every angler needs to experience.

During our day I’ll constantly be educating you on multiple aspects of Musky fishing.  I guarantee you’ll be a better Musky angler after spending a day in my boat.

Giant Musky caught jigging on Lake of the Woods
45 inch Tiger Musky being released to get bigger!

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